Using data to
protect data

At Protenus we help hospitals protect patient privacy in Electronic Medical Records by accurately detecting insider threats.

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Optimize compliance with advanced analytics

Current privacy investigations require tedious, low-level data exploration, with privacy officers traversing multiple interfaces, databases, and spreadsheets to pull together the real story. Our system does the hard work of detecting what should and shouldn’t be happening, based on a continuously updated understanding of your institution’s behavior.

Hassle-free integration

Our lightweight analytics solution sits on top of existing hospital systems and seamlessly integrates with existing workflows.

Protecting patient privacy is a top priority for Johns Hopkins and we are thrilled to work with Protenus to solve this important problem.

Stephanie Reel, CIO, Johns Hopkins

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Doctors, Scientists, Engineers, and Designers

What do particle physicists, designers, and a Special Forces veteran have in common? They want to create a positive impact on people's lives. At Protenus, our aim is to improve healthcare through intelligent tools and meaningful use of data.

Great teams have great mentors

We are supported by a deep bench of industry experts that guide us to see the big picture, keep us accountable, and continuously inspire us.

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