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Protenus President to keynote panel on safeguarding health data at HLTH: The Future of Healthcare

Robert Lord, President and Co-founder of health compliance analytics firm Protenus, to join session on the opportunities and challenges posed by data sharing, how to prevent health data breaches

Las Vegas, NV -- Tackling healthcare’s biggest challenges, from improving patient care, to reducing costs, to enabling innovation that impacts lives, continues to be greatly aided by the emergence of electronic health data. Progress toward addressing those challenges is underpinned, however, by one critical concern for hospitals and other healthcare organizations: The ability to share health data safely and securely.

Robert Lord, President and Co-Founder of Protenus, a healthcare compliance analytics platform that monitors activity within electronic health records, will host a panel at HLTH: The Future of Healthcare on how organizations can ensure the patient data under their care doesn’t fall victim to a data security breach as they work to tackle mandates like interoperability and value-based care.

In the panel, Lord will emphasize that healthcare organizations today have a responsibility to make that data sharing possible, and advanced technologies could make a meaningful impact on this emerging challenge. Speaking together with Bill Fox, the Global CTO Healthcare, Life Science and Insurance of MarkLogic, and Oren Falkowitz, the CEO of Area 1 Security, Lord will discuss emerging technologies that replace reactive, manual processes, and allow health systems to proactively audit every access to health data, reducing the overall risk involved in data sharing.

“Healthcare organizations have been doing their best to utilize existing tools to detect threats to patient data, but due to limited resources and the use of primitive legacy technology only a small amount of breaches are actually detected,” stated Lord. “On any given day, there are millions of accesses to patient data within a single hospital’s EHR, and the volume of these accesses is increasing in tandem with the data-sharing needs of population health and value-based care. Healthcare organizations simply don’t have the resources to review all those accesses, but technology now exists that uses artificial intelligence to alert hospitals when there is a potential breach. This allows them to respond immediately and mitigate impact to the organization and its patients.”

Current detection tools reactively respond to suspected breaches to patient data by relying on manual, labor-intensive audits. These tools lack the clinical context and user behavior analytics necessary to audit every access or proactively identify data breaches, especially when at least 41% of all health data breaches are attributable to healthcare organization insiders. HLTH is a new, large-scale industry event that brings together the nation’s top health leaders to create much-needed dialogue focused on the disruptive innovation across the healthcare ecosystem. To register or learn more about the presentation, please visit the HLTH website.

Presentation Details: “Hacked! There Goes All Our Value” Tuesday, May 8, 2018 4:10 p.m. Aria Hotel, Las Vegas